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"I have seen 1000s of films over the years and this is one of the best." 

Mel Vapour, Director, Berkeley Video Film Festival 



GRAND FESTIVAL AWARD Best Ethnographic Film 2013



"Incredible Footage"    "Beautiful, Romantic Documentary"    "An Exquisite Jewel"

          Gregory Keech                                             Tina Martin                                            Randall Laroche                   



BUDAPEST: AN AMERICAN QUEST A Family's Journey to 1920s Hungary is an award-winning documentary of reverse migration with a twist:  two Americans go back to Budapest in the 1920s. The filmmaker finds a box of their romantic 16mm black & white footage from 1925-1935 and goes on a quest to discover her family's hidden story.

Original Music

Kitty, Catherine (Weiss) Schneider was born in Brooklyn, New York on May 25, 1905.  Kitty left New York after her father Cornelius Weiss married a worker from his U.S. Navy garment factory and set up two households. When Kitty was 18, she got on a ship from New York for rest and recuperation for a visit to Budapest, Hungary. Kitty ended up living in Hungary for ten years from 1925-1935 before returning to the U.S.

Beatrice Schneider Karpati was born in 1915 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. When she was 8 years old, she  went back to Budapest with her brother Eugene and parents Andrew  and Margaret Schneider.  She married Gyorgy Karpati in Budapest, Hungary and they had a son, Peter Karpati. 

Bobby, Robert Schneider, the filmmaker's father, was born in Budapest in 1928 and left Hungary when he was seven  years old. He forgot the Hungarian language after he came to the U.S. and  never set foot in Hungary again. 

Julius Schneider was born on August  29, 1890 in Budapest, Hungary.  When Julius was 11, he  and his brother Andrew came to New York.  Julius was working as a bartender in Atlantic City  when he went back to Hungary in 1925 to help his brother build homes.  Julius married Kitty in 1928 in Budapest , Hungary. After returning to the U.S. in 1935,  they lived in New York, Miami, Atlantic City, and Hollywood, California. 

Lynn Schneider, Producer and Director , BUDAPEST: AN AMERICAN QUEST

A Family's Journey to 1920s Hungary


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